The Office of Professional and Continuing Education, OPCE, is focused on providing executive professional, career and business professional learning opportunities to adult learners. Our department is positioned to create partnerships within the University, business, and professional community that will reinvest in education through robust learning opportunities. 

Professional learning will be designed primarily with a virtual footprint, with a smaller presence of face-to-face training. Professional learning courses will be designed to energize employee-employer skills management in high-need, targeted areas. OPCE will provide a digital presence that will expand the University's posture within the region, State, and global community. Courses will be open to the adult learning population at large. In addition, courses can be customized to meet employee-specific skills training for the corporate or business community.

Virtual learning courses will be authentic and engaging for the adult learner. Courses will be delivered using a learning management platform that will allow for increased outreach and flexibility. Courses will be needs-driven to revitalize employee-employer skills management. Our instructors will be experienced and credentialled in their areas of expertise. Course completions will include continuing learning units or badging options. In addition to virtual learning courses, face-to-face courses will be provided when course content is more conducive to an in-person learning environment.